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Therapy for Anxiety

Providing Affirming Therapy in North Carolina and Florida

Does it feel like anxiety is taking over your life, and you can’t just shake it off?

Maybe you find yourself constantly battling with thoughts, feeling overpowered by your worries, or struggling to keep up with life.


Sometimes life is just hard, and it feels like its not going to get better.We can help you manage whatever life tosses your way.


Anxiety can be exhausting. Have you ever felt like:

  • Cancelling plans because you’re worried about what people might think?
  • Lying awake at night with a mind full of ‘what-ifs’?
  • Overthinking the smallest decisions?
  • You can never just relax?
  • Stress messing with your work, school, or friendships?


Managing anxiety on your own can feel overwhelming. Ever feel like your anxiety gives you… more anxiety?


If you find yourself constantly worrying, feeling tense, or battling a sense of panic, I’m so glad you found my website. My approach to anxiety treatment is to help you release your worries, so you can live the life you have been wanting.


With therapy, you can release:


Feeling like you cant breathe or there is an elephant on your chest


Feeling caught in the cycle of overwhelm, then procrastination, followed by a breakdown—a pattern you’re exhausted from but can’t seem to escape.


Thoughts racing around your head like a high-speed train, impossible to slow down or get a grip on


Nights spent tossing and turning, chasing sleep that seems just out of reach.


Feeling restless or on edge, as if you’re a tightly coiled spring ready to snap at the slightest touch.

How long has it been since you woke up feeling refreshed and present?

At Refocus Therapy, Our Approach to Anxiety Is Compassionate and Effective.


Individualized Therapy: At Refocus Therapy, we understand that anxiety manifests differently for everyone. That’s why Miranda combines various proven techniques such as DBT, CBT, mindfulness-based interventions, parts informed and EMDR to help you take back control from anxiety. This blend is designed to address your specific concerns and empower you to live the life you desire.


Personalized Skills Development: Learn and master essential life skills that are often hampered by anxiety. Miranda will work with you to develop effective time management, organization, and planning abilities. These skills are crucial in reducing daily stress and promoting a sense of control and accomplishment.


Anxiety management: Anxiety can often lead to intense emotional responses. Miranda helps her clients understand and manage these feelings, improving emotional regulation. By learning to navigate these emotions, you can experience a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques: Incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques is key in our approach to treating anxiety. These practices help in calming the mind, reducing stress, and improving overall mental clarity and focus. Miranda will guide you in integrating these practices into your daily routine, enhancing your ability to cope with anxiety.


Building Healthy Relationships: Anxiety can strain interpersonal relationships. We assists in developing skills for managing emotional responses and impulse control, thereby fostering healthier and more meaningful relationships. Improving self-esteem is also a focus, which is integral in building and maintaining strong connections with others.


Managing Life, School or Work: Anxiety can significantly impact school or work. We provide targeted support, including strategies for improving concentration, managing time effectively, and handling work or academic pressures. Miranda’s approach is tailored to help you succeed in these environments by overcoming anxiety-induced barriers.

Some Common Questions:

While therapy may not ‘cure’ anxiety in the traditional sense, it can provide significant relief from symptoms and teach lifelong skills for managing anxiety. The goal is to reduce anxiety’s impact on your life and improve your overall well-being.

Absolutely. Even if your anxiety symptoms are mild, you can benefit from therapy. It’s not just the severity but the impact of these symptoms on your life that matters. Therapy can provide you with tools to manage anxiety, prevent it from escalating, and improve your overall mental wellbeing, regardless of the current intensity of your symptoms.

Deciding to seek therapy doesn’t require your anxiety to reach a certain threshold. It’s more about how it affects your daily life. If you find that worry or fear is consistently interfering with your work, relationships, or enjoyment of life, it might be time to consider therapy. Remember, therapy is a proactive step towards wellness, not just a remedy for severe issues.

Yes, online therapy can be very effective for treating anxiety. It offers the same level of professional care as in-person therapy and can be particularly beneficial for those who prefer the convenience or comfort of receiving therapy from their own home. Many people find that the digital format can actually make it easier to open up and discuss their feelings.

Feeling anxious about starting therapy is entirely normal, especially if you’re dealing with anxiety. The first step is reaching out, perhaps through a phone call or email, to schedule an initial consultation. Remember that therapy is a collaborative process, and therapists are trained to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Starting therapy is a brave decision, and many find that their anxiety about therapy decreases significantly after the first few sessions.

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”

Take the next step now.