Hello and a warm welcome—

I’m Miranda! Human first, and licensed therapist second. 


My path to becoming a therapist was shaped by my own experiences, as a recovering perfectionist with attention abundance (*coughcough* ADHD).  I love being a therapist and feel immense pride in what I do.


Outside the therapy room, I’m a creative soul, gamer(ish), and book nerd. I am most in my element when doing anything outdoors (especially water/beach/kayak related), playing with my pets, or getting my hands dirty doing artsy stuff.   

It's no coincidence you've found me today; this is a space for creatives, entrepreneurs, perfectionists, neurodivergents and overthinkers.

Therapy with me is about creating a space where you can let go of the pressure to be perfect, relax your shoulders, breathe deeply, and embrace being human.

Clients often describe my style as warm, comforting, and laid-back. My therapeutic style integrates my diverse training in EMDR, mindfulness, somatic practices, DBT, CBT, and IFS to support your healing journey. 

Despite my relaxed vibe, I never shy away from difficult conversations. Instead, I welcome them, I believe therapy is a balance of laughter, tears, and intentional work.

After earning my Master’s in Social Work from UCF in 2018, I became licensed in Florida and North Carolina. My journey led me to establish Refocus Therapy in 2022, with the vision of creating a safe space for creative souls, relentless perfectionists, and ADHDers to unearth and amplify their voice, reclaim their strength, and confidently embody their true selves.

Life is hard, and you don't have to figure it all out alone.

Ready for a fresh start?

Therapy that feels good, 

right at your fingertips.

ADHD Therapy Florida